Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Rudd Farms Heritage Turkeys

Rudd Farms attended the last two St. Helena Farmers Markets to promote our amazing heritage turkeys that Farmer Omar has been raising up on Mt. Veeder. Omar flew to Kansas to pick up the poults from the Good Shepherd Poultry Farm, owned by Frank Reese, a fourth generation poultry farmer. He brought them back and has been raising them on an acre of land and feeding them a 100% vegetarian diet. All of the turkeys are heritage breeds including Bronze, Bourbon Red, Narragansett, and White Holland. Heritage turkeys make up less than 1% of the 200 million turkeys raised in the United States. They are considered by many chefs to be the best turkey for Thanksgiving. Because they take longer to to grow they develop more fat and a more robust flavor. We only had 80 turkeys to start and they are going fast so if you are interested in one for Thanksgiving send us an email! Oh and if you're interested in these cool pumpkins they are available at the Oakville Grocery!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

When I Grow Up, I want to be a Juicy Heirloom Tomato

The tomato plants beginning their life. They're ready for harvest now, but you have to stop by The Farmstand at Oakville Grocery to get them.

Brand New Products Everywhere

The store is so much bigger now. The aisles have opened up, and its packed with all kinds of new yummy treats. I want to buy one of everything.

The New Cheese Section

The Old Well

How cool is this! They built a see-through floor over the old well inside the store. What a history Oakville has. If only the walls could talk.

Come See Whats New at Oakville Grocery

They have some new wonderful sandwiches, and some old favorites too.